Sex Swing

Why get a sex swing or sex sling?

A sex swing, door sex swing or sex sling is a staple piece if sex furniture that opens up the possibility for additional sex positions for everyone.

Difficult sexual positions become feasible for most users opening up a whole new level of excitement and stimulation to your relationship.

Furthermore, weightless sex allows for experimentation of endless sex positions that may have not all been possible in your bedroom. An addition of a bedroom swing makes sextual experiences even more satisfying as the bed and swing are in one location.

Why else?

Additionally, adult swings are adjustable to get the perfect angles for maximum pleasure for both intercourse and oral sex. Sex swings make the g-spot easier to target while maintaining comfort. Both, sex swings and sex slings include stirrups that hold your feet, legs, or thighs up and in an ideal position for swinging sex. A sex swing stand may be needed if ceiling mounting is not an option. Sex swing stands give you the option to easily move room to room if the restrictions of a fixed bedroom swing is not as desired.

Who Are Sex Swings And Sex Slings For?

Everyone, adult swings come in a few types to improve your sex life. Some people may have difficulty with the traditional adult swing due to their mobility. However, sex slings provide much more support. They come with four mounts and don’t have a lot of swinging motion.

What To Look For In A Sex Swing Or Sex Sling?

Safety is always first. Read the labels for the capacity and buy only from reliable manufactures, there is a lot of cheap models on amazon that I would be very hesitant to trust given the sex positions I attempt. Many cheap sex swings come with a 200lb make spring, even though the swing itself is rated for 300lbs + doesn’t mean the spring is. Some directions say to use without it, we don’t recommend that, springs are used for a reason, instead buy a stronger spring separately.

Comfort is the second most important, if you are not comfortable, you will not enjoy yourself nearly as much and will not likely use the adult swing to its full potential. We found some reasonably priced comfortable options, so if you are looking to keep costs down, check them out. Many of the cheap adult swings provided minimal comfort and you can feel the straps right through the padding.

What is a sex swing?

What types of sex swings are there? The traditional sex swing comes in a few types. These adult swings have a strap for both butt and back support, additionally the swing includes stirrups for foot or leg support. Some adult swings come with handles as well. Additionally, you can add accessories for additional support, the most popular being a head support. These adult swings offer a few mounting type options.

Sex Swing

The first most common is the single center mount. This makes it easiest to hang and allows swinging in all directions. These adult swings include a spreader bar for the swing connections. Additionally the mount can include a swivel for a spinning swing. Some adult swings come with a swivel, most do not. However, you can purchase a swivel separately. The other mount type is a dual mount. With this style you need two hooks for mounting. The benefit of this type is positioning the mounts wider apart for comfort. This provides more room for the hips. These sex swings require either eye bolt ceiling mounts or a sex swing stand.

Sex Sling

Another sex swing type is a sex sling. This type provides the most stable support and just about anyone can use it. Sex slings are similar to a hammock except more stable as they have support on all four corners. Additionally, most slings are leather but additional materials are available that cost less and some are machine washable. Sex slings are great for those who can’t use a sex swing. A sex sling offers a few less options when it comes to sex positions. However, it makes up for it in comfort. Sex slings are the most comfortable of sex swings and sex slings. They often come with a pillow as well. These sex slings require either ceiling mounts or a sex swing stand.

Doorway Sling

One other sex swing type are doorway swings. These are the cheapest swings but are also the most limited in terms of use. Doorway swings are typically hang over a closed door for support. One requirement for these sex swings is that the door frame must be a strong door. We recommend solid doors and door frames only. One big benefit of a doorway swing is they are easy to travel with and use in hotels. These portable sex slings require no additional hardware, a sex swing stand, or permanent mount locations.


How to clean sex swings? Clean sex swings with soap and water. Some are machine washable in a laundry bag and air dried.


How to use a sex swing and sex swing positions? There is no one way to use a sex swing, you can add and remove straps depending on your preference for amazing adult play. Sex positions are endless on the traditional swing and typically the penatrating partner is standing while the receiver sits in the swing. A bedroom swing is a great addition to your bedroom playroom for oral sex, doggy style, and many other positions to improve your sex life.

How to install a sex swing?

Hanging sex swings is relatively easy. The most affordable way is ceiling mounting. With this method astand does not get in the way. Mounted sex swings come with either 1, 2, or 4 mounts. The best place to mount them on the ceiling is on exposed beams or using beam mounts. Alternatively, you can mount any where to your ceiling where you can hit ceiling joists. Eye bolt mounts work best and can be picked up at any hardware store like Home Depot. Read instructions for your swing for bolt sizing.

Sex.swing bedroom swing

Screamer Sex Swing: Dual Hook Swing (Best Overall Sex Swing)

Rating: 97/100

screamer dual hook sex swing

Made in the USA, this is the best sex swing hands down, largely because of it’s amazing level of comfort. The Screamer uses 4″ straps for the butt and back supports compared to the industry standard of 2″. This alone makes a huge difference in comfort. Furthermore, there is a significant amount of padding (1/2″ foam), unlike many other swings on the market which come with about 1/4″. Additionally the seat is wider than most swings to give extra room for the hips. This can make a huge difference depending on your size and positions you are doing. On top of that the padded straps have a good quality soft canvas.

The Screamer is a dual hook mounted sex swing which we feel is a step up from a single mount. The benefits of the dual hook swings are no bar over your head that can get in the way. Furthermore, anchors can be wider apart if you prefer. The dual hooks also allow for additional functionality and both partners to be comfortably on it. Therefore, this makes a great couples swing for couples swinging.

More on the Screamer

This adult swing includes adjustable stirrups for feet, legs, or thighs. Additionally, the swing also includes handles. The Screamer is machine washable, has a 300lb weight limit, and comes with a carrying case for traveling. Furthermore, all the hardware is metal, many other swings use plastic hardware on the straps. An additional benefit to this swing is the availability of accessories. First there is the sex swing stand if you do not mount to the ceiling using heavy duty eye bolts, the stand features 12 additional points for accessories and bondage. It is easy to setup and comes with a travel case. It also features the ability to accommodate both dual hook and single hook swings. Additionally, a head rest, squatting attachments, and bondage cuffs are available. Lastly, this bedroom swing can be used as a door sex swing with the purchase of the Kink Essentials Over the Door Mount.

Check out the sex swing video review @ using the link below.

Screamer Bondage Sex Swing Kit (Includes high quality cuffs and headrest attachment)

Sex Swing Stand (Screamer)

Screamer Sex Sling Conversion Kit (Have a sex swing and sex sling at a lower cost)(DIY sex swing conversion)

Squatting Attachment (Screamer)

Kink Essentials Over the Door Mount (Converts any dual mount sex swing to a door sex swing)

Screamer Sex Swing: Twist

Rating 95/100

Adult swing

Screamer Twist uses the same swing as the Screamer Dual Hook which is our top rated sex swing. The difference in this model is that it has a single center mount with the ability to spin. Spinning is a great benefit in a bedroom swing as it opens up some additional possibilities for amazing swing sex. The one downside about this model is that its capacity is 250lbs.

Stockroom Leather Sex Sling (Best Leather Sling)

Rating: 95/100

Padded swing for hammock sex

Made in the USA and of 100% cow leather, this sling is of amazing quality. Complete with all metal hardware this swing is incredibly sturdy. Furthermore, it includes a pillow for additional comfort. This sling is trapezoidal in shape and about 37″ long, 22½” wide at the top and 16″ wide at the base. We especially like the craftsmanship of this model.

Kink Essentials 4pt Sex Sling Stand

Sex sling stand for bedroom

A great 4pt Sex Sling Stand made for leather or non-leather 4 point sex sling made in the US. Each corner has a mounting location making it easy to install any sex sling. This stand can be easily collapsed to store in a closet or under the bed making it an ideal choice for a bedroom swing that can be concealed.

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

Rating: 95/100

whipsmart Bedroom swing love swing

The Whipsmart Pleasure Swing has the most padding of all the swings we reviewed with 3/4″ of padding, cheap swings usually have about 1/4″. Additionally, the padding is 5″ wide instead of 4″ on most adult swings. This is another great swing due to its comfort, individually removable straps for using only the straps you want for additional positions, and the bedroom swing itself can hold 450lbs. However, this swing does have a couple minor drawbacks, like most swings on the market, the spring is only rated for 200lbs and should get updated if you want to exceed 200lbs. Additionally, this swing does not come with handles. However, both the spring and handles can be purchased separately. The swing does have a few color options. Also note, this is a single center mount swing. Requires a eye bolt or eye hook ceiling mount or a compatible sex swing stand.

Sportsheets Saffron Thigh Sling (Best Thigh Sling)

Rating: 95/100

sportsheets saffron thigh sling

Thigh slings don’t get much comfortable than this. Made of PU vegan leather, these thigh slings position your legs where you want for optimal angles of penetration so no one else has to hold them. Perfect for traveling and compact storage, this sling is easy to use and fully adjustable. We are amazed at how comfortable this sling was once we tried it. Additionally, the neck rest gives you the support you need to get a good view of your partner without straining your neck.

Screamer Sex Sling (Best Non-Leather Sling)

Rating: 94/100

Leather sex sling for bedroom

What makes this a great sling? All metal hardware and it is machine washable. More importantly, it is comfortable. It is made out of soft micro suede, a good substitute for those who don’t like leather due to it sticking to your skin. Manufactured in the USA, this sling feels secure and comes with both padded stirrups and handles. Unlike many other slings, this one comes with chains and springs for its four mounts. Additionally everything is easily adjustable to accommodate your physical features and sex positions. The Screamer Sex Sling measures 28 inches wide and 38 inches long. Furthermore, the capacity is 300lbs.

Screamer Over the Door Sex Swing (Best Doorway Swing)

Rating: 94/100

Doorway sex sling

The Screamer Over the Door Swing makes our top pick for doorway swings do to its outstanding quality and comfort. Padded stirrups set this one apart from other adult sex swings and the seat is great as well. Also, all metal hardware provides a piece of mind that this will with stand a good pounding. On top of that, door swings make great portable sex slings for traveling and sex in different areas of the house.

Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling

Rating: 94/100

stockroom leather sex sling

Made in the USA and of latigo leather, this leather sex swing is of amazing quality. Complete with all metal hardware, nickel plated rivets, and 3″ wide woven black leather, this sling really stands out as a centerpiece to any playroom or makes a great bedroom swing. Furthermore, it includes a pillow for additional comfort. This sling is trapezoidal in shape and about 37″ long, 22½” wide at the top and 16″ wide at the base. We especially like the craftsmanship of this model.

Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling (Best Budget Leather Sex Sling)

Rating: 93/100

Portable sex sling girlfriend

Made of soft leather and all metal hardware, this leather sex sling is worth every penny. The soft leather is comfortable and the attached pillow is a great addition. Additionally, this sling comes with chains and carabiners. However, no springs are provided, this is true for most sex slings. The capacity is 300lbs and the sling measure 21″ x 37 1/2″

Wild Side Sex Swing (Best Budget Sex Swing)

Rating: 93/100

Bedroom swing for swinging sex

The Wild Side swing is our preferred budget swing. It provides exceptional comfort and provides double the padding of most budget swings. Wild Side comes in multiple colors and best of all it is machine washable, unlike many other budget swings. This adult sex swing is a dual hook mount, so if you have a single mount swing already, you may need a spreader bar. Unfortunately, this swing sex toy does not include dedicated handles. Fortunately, Screamer has handles available for purchase for about $20. We like the large stirrups on this model, they are large enough to get over the thighs. Additionally, straps are removable, this allows you to remove any straps you don’t want to use at the time. This ultimately allows for great versatility and not having any straps in the way makes a huge difference.

More on the Wild Side

Wild Side has a rating of 250lbs, lower than most sex swings so it is not a good choice for both partners on the swing at the same time. Please note, that many other swings have higher load ratings but the spring is usually only rated for 200lbs. Manufacturers typically advise to remove the spring for higher loads but we do not recommend that. Instead, buy a larger capacity spring. Being that this swing is a dual mount swing, buy the door mount accessory on and use it as a door sex swing as well. Requires two eye hook or eye bolt ceiling mounts or a compatible sex swing stand to be used as a bedroom swing.

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling (Best Budget Doorway Swing)

Rating: 92/100


The Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling is the ultimate doorway swing. We really liked this sex sling for its comfort and support. The user in the sling if fully supported without their partner through the use of the seat, two foot stirrups, and two well placed handles. Furthermore, the seat has padding for comfort and pivots for access at any angle. For increased comfort, the seat is wide enough to accommodate a pillow. Once someone is in the sling, their feet easily slip into the foot support straps and you’ll both be able to access ultimate leverage for maximum thrust and angling. This doorway swing opens up the ability to try new angles and positions that were not applicable before. Furthermore, the G-spot becomes the perfect target due to the angle of the hips and ankle position.

Use of this portable sex swing is easy and straightforward. It is easily fixed over the door without any permanent installation, making it ideal for traveling. Additionally, the footrest, seat, and height are all easily adjustable to accommodate both partners. This doorway swing must be only used on strong solid door jams and can support up to 325lbs.

Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Doorway Swing

Rating: 89/100

Door sex swing for swinging sex

The Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Doorway Swing is an OK option on a budget. It’s a safe choice and has a rating of 300lbs, but really lacks comfort which should be the second most important aspect of a portable sex swing only behind safety. Although it’s a popular choice, we feel the Sportsheet doorway swing has a leg up on this model.

Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing

Rating: 85/100

fetish fantasy

The Fetish Fantasy Series Sex Swing is a popular adult sex swing due to its distribution methods. We feel the comfort is below average largely due in part to its two large padded pads for the butt and back not being very thick. You can feel the two inch straps through the padding. Furthermore, the two stirrups for the feet are also lightly padded, which is OK for stirrups. The comfort of the pads is why we ranked this swing so low. When ranking swings comfort and usability are the two primary aspects we are looking for. Without those the experience will not likely be enjoyable.

More on the Fetish Fantasy

This sex swing is suspended from above by either mounting to the ceiling or with a support system purchased separately. Sex swings supported above are superior in that the options are endless with the number of positions that are applicable with no wall or door in the way. On the downside, it should be mounted to the ceiling which may require a permanent mount plate on the ceiling depending on the structure of your ceiling. Another option for mounting is a swing stand, these cost more than the swing but can also be used for bondage. Also, this swing is not machine washable.

Fetish Fantasy bedroom sling

The Fantasy Sex Swing easily adjusts to any height or angle, saving you from contouring your body in uncomfortable positions that interfere with each other’s arousal. Use is effortless as the sex swing comes fully assembled and changing angles and heights is quick and painless. Additionally, the weight limit is 350lbs and supports most users with ease. Although we don’t particularly like the quality of this adult swing, it is a safe bedroom swing. Unfortunately the included spring is only rated at 200lbs, the manufacturer states to remove the spring is over 200lbs but that would but a lot of stress on your ceiling mount. We recommend upgrading the spring at that point.

Available in multiple colors at

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing: Upgrade to include spinning

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand: If you don’t want to mount to ceiling

Luxfetish Fantasy Swing

Rating: 80/100

luxfetish fantasy swing

Very similar to the Fantasy Fetish swing, this model is less comfortable. It is a low cost option but there are some more comfortable options available that are in the same price range. It’s a very basic swing ideal for beginners. Also, this bedroom swing is not machine washable. Requires sex swing stand or single ceiling mount.

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